Corporate Social Responsibility

BlueTech considers that an effective CSR framework, supported by robust policies, systems and exemplary performance is fundamental to achieve long-term success.
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What we do

  • BlueTech is a responsible and transparent business in all the areas in which we operate, as this is fundamental in generating long-term growth; 
  • BlueTech is looking to create lasting legacies for local communities and the country; 
  • BlueTech operates to the highest international social, environmental and safety standards; and 
  • BlueTech maintains high standards of corporate governance.
BlueTech’s approach to managing CSR includes conducting thorough due diligence on CSR matters pre-acquisition and having in place strict practices to manage the identified ESG risks and opportunities on an ongoing basis following acquisition. To this end, BlueTech Investments has adopted ESG policies that define the scope and principles for integrating ESG matters into every phase of its business.

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With integrity in our dealings, we are always acting in the best interest of our Investors. Reach out to begin your Business Transformation strategy with BlueTech Investments.

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